Class Action Cases

Since 2006, attorneys at Edmondson & Associates have dedicated a growing portion of their practice to protecting the rights of consumers through the filing and aggressive litigation of class action cases. 

A “class action” is designed to allow one person, called the “class representative,” to file suit on behalf of themselves and others who have suffered the same harm for the same reason – whether it be injury due to a dangerous defective product, economic loss caused by a deceptive sales or pricing practice, or a uniform overcharge of fees or taxes, to name just three examples.  The class action device is particularly useful where the injury suffered a single class member is too small to justify legal action by that injured party against the party who’s inflicting the harm.

Not every Firm is willing – or able – to handle a class action case.  It takes the dedication and focus of a staff that cares about seeing justice done for consumers, often against well-funded and skilled “big money” corporations.  Edmondson & Associates, along with a network of other class action specialists with whom our attorneys have worked, are up for just that kind of challenge.

If you believe that you have discovered a problem or practice that might be appropriate for consideration as a class action, contact the lawyers at Edmondson & Associates.   Consultations are always free, and we don’t get paid unless we win or settle the case, with Court approval.